Pastor Kanyari Gets First Proposal From Tik-Tok After Claiming He’s Ready To Marry Again


Social media is buzzing with clips of a conversation between popular preacher Kanyari and a TikTok user named Rish Kamunge.

In a recent video, Kamunge boldly expressed her admiration for Kanyari, who is new to the platform. She playfully referred to him as “her man” and announced her extravagant plan to showcase him on a billboard in Nairobi.

Kanyari seemed surprised as Kamunge unveiled her idea.

“You are my man. I actually asked some of these people what is the biggest gift I am going to give to my man, and they told me to put him on a billboard. So I am planning a billboard for me and you pale Koja. Mtu akiingia Nairobi anakuona… it’s going to cost me more than KSh 600,000 for you to be there for more than a month,” Rish said.

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Kanyari recently divulged that he’s ready to date and marry again after he broke up with his ex-wife Betty Bayo.

Even though the two are successfully co-parenting, Kanyari is ready to get another woman for himself. The hilarious thing about Kanyari is that he’s looking forward to meet a woman from Tik-Tok, even though he’s a preacher. How peculiar is that!

Anyway, Kanyari is yet to give his response on the proposal he has received.


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