Tanzania Declares End to Cyclone Hidaya as Kenyan Govt Says It Has Weakened


The Tanzanian government has declared the cessation of Tropical Cyclone Hidaya just one day after it made landfall on the country’s coast, wreaking havoc.

In a statement dated Saturday, May 4, the Tanzanian Meteorological Department disclosed that the cyclone rapidly dissipated, losing its strength entirely within a span of six hours.

The trend and patterns of weather systems indicate that in the past 6 hours, Tropical Cyclone “HIDAYA” has completely lost its strength following its landfall at Mafia Island earlier today,” read the statement in part

“In addition, the remnants of the rain clouds that accompanied the Tropical Cyclone have been observed to weaken and spread out in various areas of the southern region of our country, particularly in Lindi, Mtwara, Morogoro, and neighbouring areas. Therefore, there is no further threat of Tropical Cyclone Hidaya in our country.”

Cyclone Hidaya taking place at a village in Mozambique


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Tanzania further cautioned that normal Masika rains were anticipated to persist in certain regions, particularly over the Lake Victoria basin, North-eastern highlands, and Northern coast. 

Consequently, it advised its citizens to exercise caution as remnants of the cyclone continue to affect some areas.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, the Office of the Government Spokesperson, led by Isaac Mwaura, stated that the cyclone, which had previously been forecasted to impact Kenya, had weakened.

However, he advised that strong winds and heavy rainfall will continue to be experienced at the Coastal strip.

“The Tropical Cyclone Hidaya storm is over and forecasted to have weakened however, heavy rainfall is still expected offshore along the Coast region with strong winds and large waves already experienced in Kwale,” Mwaura stated.

On Saturday, the Kenya Meteorological Department indicated that despite the cyclone hitting the Tanzanian coast, its effects were felt in Kenya.

“Current observations indicate that Tropical Cyclone Hidaya has made landfall on the coast of Tanzania,” Kenya Met warned.

“However, there is another depression developing behind it, which the Department is monitoring closely.” 

According to the meteorological department, the strong winds would exceed 40 knots (20.6 m/s) and large waves surpass two meters.

A satellite image of the predicted path of Cyclone Hidaya.


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