Weeks after Christina Shusho announced their breakup, her ex-husband speaks


Pastor John Shusho has broken his silence weeks after his wife, renowned Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho, disclosed her decision to seek separation from their marriage.

In a recent address, Pastor Shusho shared words of encouragement, emphasizing the inevitability of facing challenges in order to ascend to new levels ordained by God.


Christina Shusho discusses her reasons for getting married at the age of 19.

“Tell your neighbor that it’s painful, but God has ordained it. He will always prepare you for what lies ahead. To reach a new level, you must face some challenges to prepare you for what is to come. You cannot triumph without entering a competition. New level, new devil, new glory. When you ascend to a new level, you will encounter certain challenges, but God will always equip you to overcome them for the upcoming season,” Pastor John stated.

He continued by acknowledging the pain and hurt that often accompany such transitions but emphasized that God’s purpose in those moments is to refine and shape individuals for their next phase.


Christina Shusho Opens Up About Leaving Her Husband

Last month, Christina Shusho publicly revealed her decision to seek separation from her husband, citing a divine calling that necessitated her departure from their marriage of three children.

In an interview with Jerusalem Church TV, she candidly expressed her intentions, stating, “Let me be candid, I have always been truthful and do not deceive. The truth is that it’s a mission. There is nothing else. The mission that God has assigned me in this season does not allow me to remain where I was. I had to depart to fulfill the assignment.”

Christina described her approach to her husband as respectful, expressing her desire for him to “release her” as she embarked on her journey. She clarified that their separation was amicable and characterized by mutual understanding.

While Christina has been outspoken about their marital situation in recent years, her husband, Pastor John Shusho, has maintained a more private stance on the matter.


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