Why Manzi Wa Kibera did not attend her 67-year-old ex-boyfriend’s burial


Socialite Sheriffa Wambui, popularly known as Manzi wa Kibera, was notably absent from the funeral of her ex-boyfriend, Mzee Samuel Nzuki, held on Wednesday, May 1.

A video that went viral depicted a small gathering at Langata Cemetery for the solemn ceremony. The late Mzee Nzuki was laid to rest in a modest ceremony, devoid of media presence at the family’s request.


The cause of Manzi Wa Kibera’s death and the disagreement over his burial are disclosed by his stepchildren.

Chali wa Kibera, identified as Manzi’s manager, emerged to clarify her absence from the event, explaining that the family opted for a private burial without media coverage to give Mzee a dignified farewell.

“We were not invited, and I understand because they probably thought we might bring media along,” he stated. He mentioned plans to visit Mzee’s graveside privately in the future, respecting the family’s wishes.


Manzi wa Kibera will remember her late lover, Mzae, in a unique way

Manzi wa Kibera, speaking to Nairobi News, expressed surprise and disappointment at not being informed about the funeral despite her efforts in fundraising for a respectful send-off. She had been under the impression that the burial would take place on Saturday, May 4, as agreed upon.

Feeling deceived by the turn of events, she pledged to pay her respects to her late lover in her own way by visiting his gravesite with flowers. Despite her limited resources, she was determined to honour him, expressing confusion as to why she was not informed about the burial.

The relationship between Nzioki and Manzi wa Kibera had been met with skepticism, with speculation about its authenticity due to their significant age difference. Although initially denying the rumors and even announcing marriage, it was later revealed to be a publicity stunt through a song release by Manzi Wa Kibera.

In January, Nzioki accused Manzi wa Kibera of using him and abruptly ending their relationship. Their last public photo together was shared on December 30, 2023.

Chali wa Kibera commented on the situation, suggesting that both Manzi wa Kibera and Mzee were chasing influence to attract attention to their content. He attributed such actions to the pressure content creators face in maintaining an audience, often resorting to gimmicks.


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