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Savara: Why Sauti Sol had to take a break from each other

Kenyan music enthusiasts and fans of the iconic band, Sauti Sol, were left in shock when Delvin Savara Mudigi, one of the band’s members, announced they were taking a break. But what led to this decision? Let’s dive deep into the reasons behind Sauti Sol’s hiatus.

Who is Savara Mudigi?

Before we delve into the reasons, let’s get to know the man behind the statement. Delvin Savara Mudigi is a talented artist and one of the pillars of Sauti Sol, a band that has been a significant force in the Kenyan music industry for nearly two decades.

Why Sauti Sol Took a Break

The Need for Freshness

Savara explained that after years of working closely together, the band felt they were losing their creative edge. “I’ve lived my Sauti Sol life until we reached a point where we were so used to each other that we couldn’t bring any new magic,” Savara shared. This desire for innovation and fresh creativity is vital for any artist’s longevity and relevance in the industry.

The Band’s Mature Decision

Moreover, as mature individuals, the band members recognized the need to step back and re-evaluate their direction. Savara emphasized, “Also, as mature men, we decided that the band needed a break. So, this isn’t breaking up the band.” This decision was not made lightly but was seen as a necessary step to ensure the band’s future success and growth.

Savara’s Perspective on the Break

Not a Disbandment

It’s essential to clarify that this break does not mean the end of Sauti Sol. Savara vehemently stated, “Breaking up the band would be something I don’t even want to hear, even if you mention Bien’s name here.” This statement reassures fans that the band’s legacy will continue and that there is hope for future collaborations.

The Value of Their Legacy

Savara also encouraged fans to reflect on the music and memorable shows the band has provided over the years. This break is not a negation of their past but a pause to refresh and potentially bring something new to the table.

Possibility of Future Collaborations

Despite the break, Savara hinted at the band’s reorganization and the potential for future projects. “We’re reorganising. It’s good to take a break so you can gain new experiences. When Sauti Sol returns, we’ll bring you something different. It’s just a break for now,” he shared, leaving fans hopeful and excited for what’s to come.

Insights from Other Band Members

Bien’s Comparison to Marriage

Speaking at a joint interview in Nairobi, Bien likened their journey as a band to a marriage, emphasizing the need for freedom after years of daily interactions. “This is the third time in three years; it’s been a journey. I heard one lady say it was the last show; it’s not the last; it’s a break. It’s a 20-year break of being together and seeing each other every morning, it’s like a marriage,” Bien explained. This analogy provides a clearer understanding of the band’s need for space and individual growth.

The Impact on Fans

The news of Sauti Sol’s break undoubtedly had a significant impact on their fans. While some might be disheartened, it’s essential to appreciate the band’s decision to prioritize their artistry and well-being. Fans can look forward to new projects and potential collaborations in the future, keeping the Sauti Sol legacy alive.


Sauti Sol’s decision to take a break, as explained by Savara Mudigi, stems from a desire for fresh creativity, mature reflection, and the need for individual growth. While this break might be temporary, it serves as a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft and their commitment to delivering quality music to their fans. So, let’s remain hopeful and supportive as we anticipate the band’s return with something new and exciting.


  1. Is Sauti Sol breaking up?
    • No, Sauti Sol is not breaking up. The band is taking a break to refresh and reorganize.
  2. Will there be future collaborations among the band members?
    • Savara hinted at the possibility of future collaborations, so fans can remain hopeful.
  3. How long will the break last?
    • The duration of the break is not specified, but the band plans to return with something different.
  4. What led to the decision to take a break?
    • The band felt they were losing their creative edge and recognized the need for mature reflection and individual growth.
  5. How can fans support Sauti Sol during this break?
    • Fans can continue to support the band by attending their solo projects, purchasing their music, and looking forward to their return.

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