Christina Shusho’s Husband Responds To Her Remarks On Marriage


John Shusho, estranged husband of Tanzanian gospel star Christina Shusho, recently offered a veiled glimpse into his personal struggles during a sermon.

While not explicitly mentioning the divorce, John spoke of enduring pain as part of God’s plan.


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He emphasized trusting God’s purpose even in unexpected challenges, using phrases like “new level, new devil” and “the pain is to mold you.”

“Tell your neighbour that it hurts, but God has ordained it. He will always prepare you for what is to come tomorrow. To get to a new level, you have to go through some challenges to prepare you for what is to come. You can never win without entering a contest. New level, new devil, new glory. When you come to a new level, you will face certain challenges, but God will always prepare you to overcome them for the season to come.”

This cryptic address follows Christina’s previous statements about their amicable separation and her pursuit of a separate calling.

“There’s nothing else,” Shusho stated in a Jerusalem Church TV interview. “The mission God has entrusted to me right now doesn’t allow me to stay where I was before. I had to leave to fulfill this purpose.”

John’s words suggest a deeper emotional impact of the situation.


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