Ruto Directs CSs Wahome & Njuguna Ndung’u After Sakaja’s Complaint


President William Ruto on Tuesday directed the Ministries of Lands and National Treasury to develop a framework and incorporate Kenyan cities in the urban development programme.

The Head of State issued the directive while presiding over the launch of the Urban Support Programme at the State House in Nairobi. 

Ruto made the orders after Nairobi Governor Johsnon Sakaja raised concern that the urban development programme only prioritised development in rural and arid areas but not cities.

“I have already asked the Ministry of Lands and Treasury to sit together so that we can put a framework in place so that Governor Sakaja does not complain,” Ruto stated.

Nairobi Governor Sakaja chaired the 24th Cabinet meeting of the Nairobi County Government on April 30, 2024


Nairobi County Government

According to Sakaja, Nairobi City was overpopulated and thus needed assistance from the national government to help in the decongestation process.

“Attention is given to the arid areas and rural areas but urban areas are affected by poverty many times, Governor Kihika and Nyong’o you know what I am talking about,” the Nairobi Governor commented.

“Those in informal settlements suffer much more, as we always say, Nairobi is a tough region to stay, if you do not have resources you will not have anywhere to stay and something to eat,” Sakaja added. 

Ruto while addressing Sakaja’s complaint stated that the national government had come up with the National Urban Development Fund to anchor the urban development agenda sustainably.

The President stated that the major cities would also be considered since they bring Kenyans from different walks together and that it was essential for the cities to be included in the programme.

“We will go out of our way to assist you and ensure this programme is implemented in an accountable manner so that the people of Kenya get value,” the Head of State reiterated.

Ruto further revealed that the government was working to ensure counties adequately generate their own to cut overdependence on foreign loans.

Governors were also urged to utilise urban development funds properly to avoid wastage with the Head of State calling on the World Bank to monitor the expenditure upon disbursement of the funds.

President William Ruto addressing a delegation.



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