Diana Bahati’s Conversation With Her Daughters Warms Hearts (Video)

Diana Bahati recently shared a heartwarming moment with her fans on YouTube. Diana had a candid conversation with her daughters, Mueni and Heaven Bahati.

The video focuses on strengthening their bond by asking thoughtful questions about their lives and feelings. Diana explores what makes them happy and sad, what they love about their family, and their experiences at school.

Creating a safe and open space, Diana approaches the conversation with empathy, allowing her daughters to express themselves freely.

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Mueni, Diana’s daughter with Yvette Obura, bravely shares that being yelled at by adults, including Diana, her mother Yvette, and friends, is a source of sadness for her. Diana acknowledges this and uses it as a teachable moment.

The conversation also highlights positive aspects of their family life. Mueni admires her father’s caring nature, generosity, and forgiving spirit. She appreciates Diana’s loving personality, her willingness to let the “aunties” play loud music, and providing them with comforts and experiences like vacations.

This YouTube video offers a glimpse into Diana’s dedication to fostering strong connections with her daughters. Watch the full video below;

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