President Ruto Raises Storey Building Limit in Eastleigh to 30 Floors


President William Ruto on Monday announced that the government is lifting the 12-floor cap on Eastleigh storey buildings and increasing it to 30 floors.

During an impromptu visit to Mathare, Ruto explained that the cap aims to increase accommodation for all citizens. He emphasized that improved accommodation will ensure that slum dwellers are provided with decent lifestyles, thus promoting harmonious living.

“Since I am the Commander in Chief, I have said that in Eastleigh, you couldn’t build a house beyond 12 floors but now we can build storey buildings of up to 30 floors so that citizens can get accommodation and live in a harmonious neighbourhood,” he said.

Ruto also stated that his government was preparing to advertise for the construction of 20,000 affordable houses in the slum neighborhoods of Mathare, Kiamaiko, and Kibra.

He elaborated that once completed, residents would own houses under a rent-to-buy agreement, with monthly payments of only Kes.3,000.

“Before Friday, we are going to advertise for the construction of 20,000 housing units From Kibra, here in Kiamaiko all the way to Mwiki so that so that we can begin the process of making these slum dwellers homeowners in Kenya.

“The houses we are building, you the citizen will be paying Ksh3,000 and live in a house with water supply, power, and washrooms,” Ruto said.


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